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At Integrated PR, we specialize in the world of entertainment, pop culture, bestselling authors, nonprofit event management and consumer / luxury brands. Our team offers clients an integrated approach to online marketing, branding & public relations. We have the unique ability to offer the highest level of media relations, viral marketing, social media networking and strategic positioning.
We are expert at creating and executing an individualized blueprint for each client to maximize the power of their brand.


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Ebony Magazine

Autism Awareness

How to Advocate for Your Autistic Child

Check out this article about Areva Martin's son, Ernest III - He was 2 when he was diagnosed with autism and Areva has made it her mission to help other advocate on behalf of their loved ones.
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Hal Sparks on "CNN Tonight
with Don Lemon"

Comedian/activist HAL SPARKS weighs in on breaking news of the day on CNN's flagship evening show, "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" covering current controversial topics from the World Cup/US soccer frenzy to Robin Thicke and what is politically correct for public figures on social media

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